Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ASR/Agenda weekend

So we made it back safely. The drive down (and back) was wet to say the least. LA reminded me of a monsoon I once experienced in Japan. Sorry we don't have pics, we were too busy fearing for our lives. The tradeshows were very mellow compared to summer. It was great to see all the faces I normaly converse with through email or phone. Here's some pics to hold you over untill we get some more product up. Which will be tomorrow at the latest. I promise.

Hello giant tittieslovely San Diego weatherAgenda
Ian getting ready
Diamond/10 Deep/Vapors party for Nick's birthday.
Nick and Young (Twelve Bar)
Birthday boy Nick Diamond
OG Greg Carrol (Empire)
Oh shit, a girl.
Justin (Empire)
Tone & Diz (Diamond)
Danny Supa (King Stampede/Nike) Stevie Williams (DGK/Diamond) Into the belly of the beast
Had to check out 5 & A Dime's new shop
with Gian (5 & A Dime)
Then off to the ASR afterparty to watch Tash and Naughty By Nature. Kevin (Orisue) doesn't want you to know that he hangs out with us.
Tash Treach Vinnie
Goodbye Giant Titties, see you next summer.